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Day 1 in a WBT Classroom: Lessons 1-5

July 5, 2022

Rhonda and I hope you are enjoying these latest podcasts with Coach Chris Biffle as much as we are!  We are grateful for all the time he has taken over the last few episodes to share so much of New World WBT with us and with YOU!

In this episode, Coach shares with us what to do on Day 1 in a WBT classroom.  We were a little nervous because he wanted to share FIVE lessons with us to do on the very first day.  However, when you hear how simple, yet POWERFUL these lessons are, you are going to be so glad you tuned in!  WBT's goal is "Only Connect" and these Day 1 lessons will begin to foster those all important, year long connections with our students!  We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!

Don't forget all the 1-hour conferences being offered this summer!  In addition, stay tuned to find out when to sign up for the Virtual National Conference July 25-27!  Finally, don't forget about our 2nd Anniversary episode of the podcast coming out on Friday, July 8th!

As always, your support means EVERYTHING!!

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