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Color Writing with Coach B. ~ Part 3

Color Writing with Coach B. ~ Part 3

December 14, 2021


Thank you for joining Rhonda and I for our last installment of Color Writing with Coach Chris Biffle.  We loved this conversation!  Coach does a wonderful job of bringing all the Color Writing pieces together in this final episode.  We are forever grateful that he took so much time to talk to us about this amazing writing system!

It's not too late to grab your copy of Color Writing on Amazon!  As new teachers come into your district, what a wonderful "Welcome" gift! Veteran teachers can also benefit from this amazing Whole Brain Teaching strategy!  Rhonda and I learned so much from Coach over the last three sessions!

For the rest of December, Rhonda and I are going to take a bit of a break from podcasting to spend some much needed quality and holiday time with family.  We will be back in January refreshed and ready to go with more amazing episodes that include some amazing guests for the new year!  We can't wait to share more Whole Brain Teaching goodness with all of you!  YOU make this podcast possible!  Thank you for liking, following, and sharing!

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Color Writing with Coach B. ~ Part 2

Color Writing with Coach B. ~ Part 2

November 30, 2021

Coach Chris Biffle joins Rhonda and I to continue our discussion about Color Writing!  Coach goes into more depth about the games he has brilliantly created to help teachers with one of the trickiest concepts to teach... WRITING!  Coach continues to remarkably break down the simplicity of teaching writing using the Color Writing approach.

To purchase Coach's amazing Color Writing book, head over to Amazon and grab your copy today!

As always, we thank you so much for listening and sharing this podcast!  We couldn't do what we do with YOU!  If you want more information on Color Writing or any of the multiple aspects of Whole Brain Teaching, please email us at pd@wholebrainteaching.com.

Color Writing with Coach B. ~ Part 1

Color Writing with Coach B. ~ Part 1

November 16, 2021

We are beyond thrilled to have Coach Chris Biffle back on the podcast to talk about his amazing book Color Writing!  In this 3 part series of podcasts, Coach walks us through his book, explaining each game and just how easy it is to teach students the pattern of writing 5 paragraph essays!

You don't want to miss a minute of what has taken Coach YEARS to perfect!  But, he has done it! Head over to Amazon and get a copy of Color Writing!  Not only change the way you are teaching writing, but change the way your students see and experience the writing process!  

Thank you for following, liking and sharing this podcast!  Stay tuned because we have two more amazing podcasts with Coach to share with you as he lays out the beauty of Color Writing!

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The Brain in Whole Brain Teaching

The Brain in Whole Brain Teaching

November 2, 2021

Rhonda and I have been wanting to do a podcast on the brain for a long time!  We are so grateful that Andre' Deshotel joined us to have just that conversation! Andre' explains, so eloquently, the three types of minds: the lecture mind, the wondering mind, and finally, the game mind.  He discusses with us what each part does and why it is an essential part of learning! This episode will help you understand why Whole Brain Teaching IS the most effective way of teaching!

Thank you for listening!  We are grateful for you!

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Hitting the Bullseye with Stacey Byl

Hitting the Bullseye with Stacey Byl

October 19, 2021

We are so excited to have WBT Executive Board Member Stacey Byl back on the podcast with us!  Stacey has brought us so much of her wisdom and knowledge during our Beloved Rascal series and once again, she does not disappoint!  In this episode, she helps us understand an important game we can play with our Beloved Rascals ~ The Bullseye Game!

If you have been wondering about how to implement the Bullseye Game, this episode is a MUST!  You can find a FREE PDF download of this game and so many others at the Whole Brain Teaching Official Store on Teachers Pay Teachers.

As always, we are so thankful for you, our listeners!  Like, follow, and share everywhere!

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October 5, 2021


We have had a lot of questions about how to use WBT at a PBIS school.  You asked... we decided to do a podcast on that very topic!  WBT Executive Board Member Stacey Byl joins Rhonda and me for this podcast.  She shares all her wisdom and experience with us using Whole Brain Teaching at PBIS schools.  

We hope you glean a lot of great information from this podcast and we hope that it helps you as you implement what we believe to be the BEST educational movement around... Whole Brain Teaching... in your PBIS school.

Please share this podcast with other teachers who may need tips and tricks for implementing WBT alongside PBIS.

Thank you for listening!  We have some very, very, VERY exciting episodes coming up before the end of the year!!  Like, follow, and share so you don't miss a minute of what is coming your way! 

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Open the Door with Sarah Meador

Open the Door with Sarah Meador

September 21, 2021

Got Beloved Rascals?  Now that school has been in full swing for about a month or so, it feels like we can all spot them.  We are so thankful WBT has a game for that!

This week, Rhonda and I sit down with Sarah Meador and discuss the game Open the Door.  It's so simple, but it gets to the heart of what we need to be establishing with our most Beloved Rascals... RELATIONSHIPS!  Sarah discusses the importance of just that and walks us through this amazing WBT strategy!

Thank you, as always for listening, sharing, and leaving those positive comments.  Let us know what else you'd like us to do a podcast on!  We appreciate your suggestions!  You are simply the BEST!

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Happy listening! We love you!

Rascal X with Stacey Byl

Rascal X with Stacey Byl

September 7, 2021

Most schools are in full swing again, so we are continuing on with our Beloved Rascal Series!  In this episode of the podcast, Rhonda and I sit down with Stacey Byl and discuss Rascal X.  This is such a great way to establish those relationships with your students and zero in on ways to connect with our most beloved rascals!

We thank you for listening and sharing!  We couldn't do this without YOU!

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WBT Inclusive

WBT Inclusive

August 24, 2021

Whole Brain Teaching has always one of the most inclusive programs we have encountered, but there is always room for IMPROVEMENT!  In this episode, Rhonda and I sit down with Silver Certified Instructor LaKedria Lozano to discuss her journey with WBT as a person with visual impairments and how she is working toward making our program even more inclusive!

We hope you enjoy this episode!  Anytime we can open more doors to include more teachers and more students with ALL abilities, it is an exciting time!

Don't forget, if you are interested in a Whole Brain Teaching PD at your school, send an email to pd@wholebrainteaching.com

Thank, as always, for listening.  Continue to share everywhere!

First Minute, First Hour, First Day with Nancy Stoltenberg

First Minute, First Hour, First Day with Nancy Stoltenberg

August 10, 2021

Nancy Stoltenberg joins Rhonda and I again this week and we couldn't be more excited!  She breaks down how to get started with Whole Brain Teaching in the first minute, first hour, and first day of school! If you are already back in the classroom or heading back soon, this is the BEST Back to School WBT Podcast!  

Don't forget about out 500th follower giveaway!  Win a FREE copy of Coach Chris Biffle's Fast Track book ~ a MUST HAVE for every WBT classroom!  Share with all the teachers in your life!

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We love you for listening!!

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